City clinical hospital No. 4
City clinical hospital No. 4
Ivanovo Region


The allergologist consultation | The subsequent allergologist consultation | Specific IgE - food animal panel (10 allergens) | Specific IgE - pollen panel (10 allergens) | Allergen h1 - house dust (Greer), IgE (ImmunoCAP) |


Pediatrician consultation | The subsequent pediatrician consultation | Registration of ECG (12 leads) with the conclusion in children | Decryption of the transmitted ECG (12 leads) in children | Daily blood pressure (BP) monitoring with a conclusion (up to 24 hours) in children | Ultrasound of the internal organs, pelvis in children | Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity in children | Ultrasound of the liver in children | Ultrasound of the gallbladder in children | Ultrasound of the pancreas in children | Ultrasound of the spleen in children | Ultrasound of the bladder in children |


Resection of the large intestine anastomosis | Obstructive resection of the sigmoid colon | Resection of the colorectal anastomosis, stump of the rectum | Transection of the colon | Anterior low rectum resection |

Neurology, neurosurgery

The neurology consultation |


The oncologist consultation | The subsequent oncology consultation |


The ENT consultation | The subsequent ENT consultation | Anterior tamponade of the nasal cavity during bleeding | Removal of the tampon after tamponade of the cavity | Anemization of the nasal mucosa unilateral | Nose toilet (postoperative unilateral) | Stop nosebleeds unilateral (cauterization) | Rinse the nasopharynx | Rinse the lacunae tonsils with medicines | Blowing of the auditory tubes according to the Politzer | Removal of the sulfuric plug (instrumental) | Toilet of the ear for external otitis | Irrigation, mucosal insufflation membranes of ENT organs | Introduction of a swab with a medicinal substance | Lubrication of the mucous membranes of ENT organs with drugs (ointments, solutions) | Removal of the foreign body of the nose | Removal of the foreign body of the pharynx or larynx | Removal of the foreign body from the ear | Installation of a hearing aid | Audiometry |


The initial ophthalmology consultation | The subsequent ophthalmology consultation | Autorefractokeratometry, perimetry, visometry, echobiometry, eyetonometry, consultation of an ophthalmic surgeon | Examination of the treated patient in the long-term postoperative period (visometry, autorefractokeratomy, pneumotonometry | Selection of simple glasses (adults / children) | Selection of complex glasses (adults / children) | Cataract surgery (without IOL) | Cataract surgery (with IOL implantation) |


Consultation of the primary patient with a view to establishing a diagnosis of diseases of the teeth, mucous membrane, pathology of the bite and periodontal | Consultation of the dentist with an analysis of the x-ray | Repeated appointment of the dentist, drawing up a conclusion, direction, certificate | Sanitary education, training in oral hygiene | Anesthesia (application) | Correction of occlusion, grinding of the sharp edge of the tooth, fillings | Selective grinding | Polishing, polishing fillings | Surface treatment of the tooth with therapeutic gels, varnishes, solutions | Application of the drug to the oral mucosa | Removal of supra- and subgingival dental deposits by instrumental method (one tooth) | Medication for treatment of gingival pockets | Setting of temporary fillings | Removing a defective fillings | Carious cavity treatment for secondary caries | Temporary tooth caries treatment | Temporary tooth pulp treatment | Application of therapeutic lining | Treatment of root canals (Endodontic procedures) | Instrumental treatment of 1 root canal | Drug treatment of 1 root canal | Reconstruction of colonic rectal anastomosis | Mechanical 1 unsealing of the canal | Drug treatment of 1 root canal | Unsealing of the 1 channel using an ultrasound scaler | Unsealing of the 1 channel chemically | Temporary fixation of a fixed prosthesis |


The surgeon consultation | The subsequent surgeon consultation | Distal resection of the pancreas with splenectomy | Resection of the transverse colon | Resection of the stomach (without cost per day) | Endoscopic cholecystectomy (without cost per day) | Appendectomy with laparotomic access (without cost per day) | Appendectomy endoscopic (without cost per day) | Surgical treatment of umbilical | Surgical treatment of umbilical hernia |


The endocrinologist consultation | The subsequent endocrinologist consultation | Scintigraphy and radionuclide methods of diagnosis and treatment | Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus in adults and children; Diagnosis of genetic complications | Evaluation of the level of TSH (cito) | Evaluation of the level of free thyroxine (T4) in the blood (CT4) | Evaluation of the level of luteinizing hormone in the blood (LH) | Evaluation of the level of total prostate-specific antigen (PSA total) |

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